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The course allowed participants to achieve the necessary skills to:

  1. interpret relevant EU legislation;
  2. apply scientific basis for proper housing, management (including provisions of enrichment material, group housing of sows and gilts, feeding practices for dry pregnant sows and gilts, mutilation procedures such as tail‐docking, tooth clipping and castration) and handling of pigs;
  3. assess existing farming systems (including requirements for manipulability and rooting materials, flooring types etc.) with the current EU legislation;
  4. monitor animal welfare outcomes, throughout practical experience on the farm;
  5. carry out efficient inspections at farm level, including practical guidance on how to verify compliance of farming systems and management practices with the EU legislation;
  6. collect specific information in order to contribute to the future development of internet‐based learning activities for veterinarians both in Member States and in Third Countries.
The course also provided practical training on welfare inspection of pigs in farms, focused particularly on the assessment of the housing conditions and management practices. Practical demonstration on how to use animal based welfare outcomes will be included.